Vulpix was an active forumer between 2013 - mid 2014 on "Vyve". He would average close to 800 posts a day, a huge amount of posts daily at the time. He is very well known during this time period. "Vyve" was terminated May 25th, 2014 with no reason given. On this day, another popular forumer known as "TheDekuScrub" was deleted without a reason as well, with many other users. Many speculate the mods intentionally deleted them for there edgy posts. Vyve was not heard from again, up until the start of 2017, when he announced he would be returning on his account "tirch". Shortly after this, he switched to Vulpix.


  1. As of 04/23/17, Vulpix is currently the #22 top overall poster, which includes posts made on every account. The list can be found here (
  2. Josh (Vulpix) creates HD GFX for not only ROBLOX, but for small games and art at his highschool. His ROBLOX Work can be found here (, due to personal reasons, Vulpix has not released his Professional DevaintArt, which includes art for big youtubers, and for his high school.