VityaBC is a roblox user who uses the ROBLOX Talk subforum every day. He was known for spending a lot of time on the forums and getting at least 500 posts a day.


At the pace of 500 posts a day, Vitya could get 3,500 posts a week, 15,000 posts a month, and 180,000 posts a year with 30 second floodcheck. The shortest time 500 posts can be achieved with 30 second floodcheck is in 4.16 hours. For this reason, Vitya spent at least 5 hours a day on the forums.

Noob haters

Vitya was so cool and it makes some people jealous so they started to attack him on every possible opportunity. The two main noob haters Vitya had were Havemeat, who tried to hint that Vitya bots on every opportunity to try to damage his reputation with false claims, and the second main noob hater was philipplayer111 who is not an enemy anymore.


Vitya began posting as qdhxx in late 2010 and has accumulated 56,665 posts over six years. In early 2016, he was deleted for the reason in this tweet:

Vitya took a break from foruming for 8 months and came back in May 2016 as "VityaMC". On VityaMC, Vitya has decided that for rebuilding fame and bragging rights (post count) he will have to get serious about posting. For this reason he made a post tracking thread where he declares that he will try to keep up with the pace of 500 posts a day. The thread can be found here:

On June 4th, 2016, VityaMC was deleted for replying "no" to a yes/no question. The question was: Did anyone else who posted on sinii's bribe thread get a warning or a ban? The ban note can be found here: All attempts to appeal the account have failed.

A day later on June 5th, Vitya started posting on a new account and his current main, VityaBC. He made a new tracking thread where he removed the declaration that he will continue to post 500 posts a day, which can be found here:

To make up for what's lost, Vitya posted all day on 6/6/16, and has accumulated over 1400 posts in just one day.

Goals for the Future

Vitya wanted to become the legitimate #1 top poster, which means get the highest post count without spamming tenths or hundreds of bumps on a thread and without botting.

Vitya also wanted to get the #1 dad cap and the tinfoil hat back, which he had on his old main qdhxx.


The new people were huge noobs and they were not as entertaining as the cool kids from the good old times.