The Catalog Act of 2016 was an act of the Corporation of ROBLOX that imposed a direct tax on the Robloxian settlements of Greater Robloxia and required that many user-generated items in the Robloxian settlements be produced on free models produced in San Mateo, carrying an embossed robux stamp. User-generated items included hats, models, decals, gears, and many other types of items used throughout the Robloxian settlements. Like previous taxes, the catalog tax had to be paid in valid robux currency, not in colonial tix money. The purpose of the tax was to help pay for employees stationed in ROBLOX HQ after the Robloxian victory in the Baszucki Bazooka War and its San Mateo theater of the Robloxian Uprising of 2014. The Robloxians said that there was no moderating need for the employees because there were no foreign hackers on the website, and the Robloxians had always protected themselves against hackers. They suggested that it was actually a matter of Robloxian patronage to surplus Robloxian employees and career interns who should be paid by ROBLOX Corporation. The Catalog Act was very unpopular among Robloxians. A consensus considered it a violation of their rights as Robloxians to be taxed without their consent—consent that only the Robloxian legislatures could grant. Their slogan was "No taxation without tix." Robloxian assemblies sent petitions and protests. The Catalog Act Thread held in All Things Roblox was the first significant joint Robloxian response to any employee measure; it petitioned ROBLOX Corp and the CEO, David Baszucki. Local protest groups led by Robloxian merchants and landowners established connections through Threads of Correspondence, creating a loose coalition that extended from All Things Roblox to Let’s Make a Deal. Protests and demonstrations initiated by a new secret organization called the NBCs of Liberty often turned violent and destructive as the masses became involved. Very soon, all catalog tax distributors were intimidated into resigning their commissions, and the tax was never effectively collected.

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