Tristen123abcd is a crazy RTer. He mostly forums in ROBLOX, but he doesn't play games much. He doesn't buy R$ (ROBUX), and BC (Builders Club). He had a twitter account called "@tristen123abcd", but he doesn't use it much. He had a signature called "#code print("ex: tristen123abcd is useless")" with using ROBLOX+.

Tristen1234abcd, his alt account.



At 2013, he didn't forum until 2015. He started foruming in 2015. He always get warnings in ROBLOX, but not bans. He doesn't like posting ideas in the "Suggestions and Ideas" section. He likes to RT. He made his alt account made in 2013, called "tristen1234abcd". He uses that account when hes terminated. At 2016, he posted a thread called "why i hate posting suggestions and ideas". He started to hate it and quit posting some ideas, and he used to make driving games called "HD" (Highway Driving). and some But in ROBLOX, he hates the 2015-2016 updates. Some games are getting broken because of the updates. That's why he hate the updates. At 2013, 2014, he didn't had a verified email yet. Otherwise, he wants to change his name to ''dontgetit''.

Final Days

At 2016, he can't play ROBLOX anymore because of the error that he got. He does have connection, but he can't still play ROBLOX anymore.

The thread:

The problem while starting ROBLOX


  • He doesn't get bans.
  • He always gets "warnings".
  • He hates army groups.
  • He hates his username.

History [ALT]

Mostly, he doesn't use that account that much, but he sometimes used it in 2016. He doesn't really use that account because of "a little bit" items. He wasn't popular yet. He doesn't forum much. He doesn't make games much. He can't still play ROBLOX because of the error.

Trivia [ALT]

  • He doesn't forum, only Tristen123abcd does.
  • He doesn't have a verified email yet.
  • Tristen123abcd used this account 2 times.
  • He made 2 games, which are unpopular
  • He is not a RTer.

About [ALT]

Tristen1234abcd had a little bit of hats, which he didn't buy anything. He plays some games, but not really. His first game was "Drive a Car into a Train", but it was copied and never updated in 2016. He updated the game from 2013-2016. His second game was "[ Content Deleted ]", but he forgot the name. The description was content deleted too, and it did updated, but not anymore. The game was updated in Aug. 5, 2016, then it never updated anymore. He didn't like his games. His first game he'd played was "Drive a Car into a Train" made by "michael1888" in 2014. Now the account stays abandoned, until his main account gets terminated.