Traxxasnick began using the forums of September 2015 as an S&I forumer. His first post was a suggestion to do a "Throwback Thursday" on a certain day, he did make a good post, though. An hour later, he gained supporters in his thread and he was amazed. He remembers the thread as if it was posted a year ago. He officially became a member of the RT subforums on May 13th, 2016.


  • Trax is currently fifteen (15) years old of age
  • Owns a 27 year-old 4.5 inch B/W TV
  • Owns a twenty-six-year-old Sony Watchman FD-230
  • Trax is identified as Nick, as it is particularly his name in reality.
  • His computer, which runs the Microsoft Windows 7, is not registered with a valid product key, making him one of the only users running with a "free" or unpaid operating system. However, it runs correctly.
  • A strong dislike of Trax appears to be emojis.


Trax was impersonated many times back in the Off Topic subforum. An anonymous user made various accounts to impersonate him.

Impersonated accounts: traxxasnikki traxxasnicki

Owns TV's

He owns the following televisions...

Mini and portable

traxxasnick's messy desks

Top is version 2
Trax's messy desk v2
Trax's messy desk

Bottom is version 1