Swagkid1894 is the former emperor of RT and had improved the community a lot up until it's destruction.


Before Swagkid1894 came to RT it was chaotic and everyone was drinking glue and many other quite bad things where happening, but then Swagkid1894 came and made it better and made it the capital of all forums on Roblox, before chaos started when Roblox announced the merging of Sub-Forums and this caused many forums to go crazy and caused much chaos. RT was deleted on the 27th of July 2017.


*Joined in the 2nd of may 2015 but started Roblox as a guest in 2011

*Exiled most bad people from RT before it was deleted.

*Former Emperor of RT.

*Still the coolest person from RT even after it's demise.

*Left RT after seeing all the chaos.

*Has a Discord Server

*Constructed many games (Which have ceased development as of 6/18/2017)

*Has a Youtube

*Leader of Swagcorp™ and multiple discord servers

Has a Deviantart Account

The end

Unfortunately Swagkid1894 Quit Roblox on the 28th of July 2017 a day after the forums where deleted,

Though you may still see him around if you're lucky...