His ROBLOX Journey

SurayHalilTR joined ROBLOX in 2013. He used to play games like League of Legends before starting to play ROBLOX. He made his account with a cousin, yet his cousin never plays this game. He started to forum in August 2015 in ATR until the last day of 2015. After some time, he decided that ATR was boring and immature and moved to RT in the first day of 2016.

he does NOT online date.


He likes scripting a lot. He started to learn scripting in late 2009, when he was 7. Now he is 13 and he will be 14 in August 1st. He loves building games, strategy games and "creative" games. He started to do GFX about ROBLOX in September 2015, yet his Photoshop CS6 program was broken in November so he couldn't keep doing it. Here are some examples:


He is usually known for his siggy with a shark eating a computer as of November 2015.

Character Look/Outfit

He wears very different clothes from time to time. Sometimes a watermelon shark, sometimes someone else, nobody knows.


He is usually kind to people unless you randomly come up to him and start insulting him. He loves his friends and cares about them.

He also loves to joke around with his friends frequently.

Social Media

Twitter : @SurayTR |

Youtube : Sur4y RBLX |


  • He is a good scripter.
  • He knows C#, JavaScript, a bit of RBLX Lua and Python.
  • He can do GFX.
  • He has a huge moderation history.
  • He is addicted to Lumber Tycoon 2.