streamyman34 is an former inactive 10'er RT'er who spends most of his days focusing on school. It's rare to see him post on the forums nowadays, as he's been very inactive since.


Very little is known about this person, other then the fact that he was caught up in drama and often harassed by a troll named passguy56. He was terminated around 2013 and appealed. As of 2016, it's very rare to find streamy post on the forums.

Passguy56 incident [2013]

Passguy56 was notoriously known for her trolling and annoyance to users on the forums around 2013. She often targeted streamyman34 and Pengpaw4 (xPengy) often harassing them, shipping them together and making numerous alts to continue to harass the both users. It's been speculated that passguy56 is actually streamy himself, however it turned out that passguy56 was actually just streamy's girlfriend trolling. Nobody really knows if streamy was just pretending to be offended, but it was really good bait nonetheless.


Streamy is very friendly and easy going, usually doesn't take things very seriously and will sometimes be goofy. His attitude has changed over the course of years, he used to be salty, called people OD'ers and newbags and often got into pointless arguments with other RT'ers. Since then, he has been very calm and chill and usually doesn't forum anymore. He still plays games, however.