ShinyTrumpet, previously known as brokengoth, is a RTer. She started foruming when she was 9, in 2012. Over time, ShinyTrumpet accumulated over 8,000 posts. A lot of older RTers will probably be familiar with who this is- not so much the newbags.

R.I.P. The Postcount

In the summer of 2014, brokengoth decided that she wasn't goth anymore. This led to a changing of her username. Brokengoth became ShinyTrumpet. A glitch in the system led to all of her posts being erased from the system. Email after email, no one was able to solve the problem and get the posts back. After all this, brokengoth (Now ShinyTrumpet) became inactive on the website. She still logs in sometimes, and has a postcount of over 1k under the new username.

Fun Facts

  • ShinyTrumpet's real name is Caitlin
  • She has two cats!!
  • She doesn't actually like nicktoons that much anymore
  • Copywighted and paulsen are her best buddies!!