RiceChex (and her many alts) is a 10-year-old (supposedly) user on ROBLOX that has been praised over the many years. She has seamlessly accumulated just over 25,000 forum posts and has gained quite a bit of notability as an active forum user.

She is also praised for her collective, yet, hilarious topics. She is generally viewed positively and has become part of ROBLOX Talk since 2014.


At about the beginning of July, 2016, she and one of her fellow friends have created a suicide note and posted it onto the forums, however, the note was actually fake. Many users have attempted to provide assistance for RiceChex, but in the end, she and her friend were unfortunately just laughing at responses that she received.

Two weeks after the event, she has made several attempts to "gain respect back" from the subforum. However, many of that has failed, but ironically has become successful, at the same time. She is currently famous for "crapposting" about how "she has done something so stupid and feels so sorry about it," yet, has notoriously harassed various users, even blamed a few for her false suicidal note.

Due to this event, it has significantly placed a permanently notoriety level on her.