Rabbitdentist, commonly styled as rabbitdentist, is an RTer who joined in late '11's to early 12's. He currently is still foruming in RT although not as often as he used to during his hey-day(which was in 2013).

Character Outfit

He normally does not stick to the same outfit all the time. He wears a variety of themed outfits including a chef outfit, a nurse/doctor outfit, a picnicking outfit, a librarian outfit, a fairy outfit and many more. It changes according to season/holiday.

Basic Description

He normally is a pretty well-known RTer especially around RTers in 2013/2012. He has appeared on many RT lists as well. He is a pretty nice RTer who does not really harm anyone. He never is seen upset at all. Most other RTers are also fine with him.


  • He shares the same timezone with hanniebanans.
  • He doesn't host a lot of RT Parties

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