Pleased is an RT'er known by most as Prefferred. He's a very friendly but blunt person. He has a total of 37K+ posts on all his accounts.


His very first account was evanjm. He emailed ROBLOX in 2011 requesting the username Preferred but the staff member that reviewed his request ended up spelling it as Prefferred. He began showing an interest in OT and RT during 2011, and was most active between 2012 and 2013. Prefferred was deleted in late 2013 for having too many moderation actions taken against his account. Shortly after, he made the account Preffers. Preffers was deleted during early 2015 for false allegations of sending/requesting nude photographs with no evidence provided. He then moved to Pleased, an account he made in 2010.


evanjm [Deleted] 2,000+ posts.

Prefferred [Deleted] 18,000+ posts.

Preffers [Deleted] 10,000+ posts.

Likelihood [Active] 1,000+ posts.

Pleased [Active] 8,000+ posts


  • Lives 420 miles from xPengy.
  • He only uses one alternate account.
  • He's been deleted 3 times.
  • He had two name changes on PrefferredFinale, which were: Taiittinger and Preffers.

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