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Pendulai is an RT'er with about 1.5k post count over all his accounts. He is most notable for being a fan of legoseed and making the group [Legoseed Cooking]. He has also been banned for causing trouble with Vitya. (The drama has been solved.) He is also known for getting into fights with ROBLOX Talk, thus a beginning for his nickname "Broke boi."


Pendulai has been with multiple forums before sticking with RT altogether. He was on OT, ATR, and even S&I. He thought that OT and ATR were mean and eventually stuck with the kingdom of ATR.

OT History

He was in OT for quite a while. He didn't do anything interesting other than make fun of others. It wasn't personal, it was just a joke (like the OT community).

ATR History

He didn't do much, he just sort of walked around, doing stuff.

S&I History

All he did was help out with bugs that other people had to deal with.

Fictional History (Optional to read)

Pendulai comes from a line of kingdoms, usually wreaking havoc. He was a trouble maker. One night he left to the kingdom of RT. They were un-trollable. So, he decided to stick with these better line of people.


He is a big fan of legoseed,
He doesn't particularly like AlienAstronaut.
He thinks Rat_Dog is an actual Rat Dog
He hates war clans


He loves RT and hates most other forums. That's it.

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