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So, yeah, let's start off as I talk about my egocentric point of view of my ROBLOXian life.

I started foruming in 2013, as a basic mini-troll.

I knew that if I started saying "Hello, I'm new", It would've been something pathetic, so, I've decided to join in RT without introduction.

Many people do know me because of my pathetic attempts to gain attention and popularity, but all I know to do is to know when to be smart, and when to not.

I do love helping people, but why?(If I'm egocentric), well, because I do have this sensation for helping people.

I am a pro at obbies, as I have completed VAC's.

After foruming for a while, I started to go into Ro-Nations, got myself a respectable name there, (I loved to go in prohibited buildings)

Oh, and follow me on ROBLOX, and hope to see you!


  • If you do not give something positive to Pedro, then you're reported!
  • He likes to roleplay.
  • He loves sports, like cycling and soccer.
  • He builds.
  • He has a cat named "Lulu" but he calls it "MewMew".
  • His favorite superpower is full self-transformation and telepathy

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