Peacefulangelcat is an RTer who joined in late 2013. She was terminated February 2016, and now goes under the name undyne_theundying. She likes to draw and sometimes crappost.


peacefulangelcat first started Roblox around 2009-2010, with an account named purplesabrina145. For an unknown reason she switched to pinksabrina145, and later changed to the account peacefulangelcat.

She started foruming late 2013, up until 10k posts. She was deleted around February 2016. After sending an appeal in an attempt to get her account back, she was denied and later moved on to undyne_theundying (named after an undertale character).


  • Her siggy, *wink wonk*, is a homestuck cancer reference.
  • 12 yrs old
  • Likes a e s t h e t i c
  • Tries to draw
  • fails at it
  • Is fandom cancer
  • Is in a group of rter friends
  • Not too widely known
  • Sounds like a boy

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