OmegaGmaster is a forumer on RT who enjoys playing video games, particularly Super Smash Bros. and studying foreign languages. Currently he is studying Chinese and Korean and plans to study many more languages.


OmegaGmaster originally joined on the account "theomegaGmaster," at some unknown time in April 2012. He used the account for a while until eventually his account was forced safe chat on it. Then he created "theTrueomegaGmaster" the account that would eventually become OmegaGmaster. OmegaGmaster begun foruming around late 2014 as "theTrueomegaGmaster." On November 15, 2014, theTrueomegaGmaster became OmegaGmaster.

When OmegaGmaster reached 9,999 posts, he tried everything in his power to not fail his 10k because he was not ready. Unfortunately, he ended up accidentally posting on OmegaGmaster after noticing the ROBLOX Banner's text changed, thus failing his 10k. (This happened on the XBOX One ROBLOX release) Something similar happened to his 11k. After that failure, OmegaGmaster swore to himself that he would not fail his 12k like he did with the others. Eventually, he hit 11,999 forum posts and begun hiding on alts.

On May 1, 2016, OmegaGmaster's account was cleared of everything on it except for his limiteds. This was due to an incident he will not reveal. OmegaGmaster became closedaccount5 for a period of a month and was not seen until later June.

On June 21, 2016, OmegaGmaster's birthday, his account was reopened and returned to the forums on an alt. On July 4, 2016, OmegaGmaster posted his 12k. Ever since then he has been on the forums.

RT Word of the Day

When OmegaGmaster begun studying Chinese and Korean, he decided to post a daily series where he posts translations of a random word in Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. He has been doing this every day excluding his time off the forums. Click here to see the latest Word of the Day.


  • OmegaGmaster is Bolivian and speaks Spanish.
  • OmegaGmaster can code in Lua and Java.
  • OmegaGmaster has like a billion other useless talents such as hacking Gamecube/Wii games.