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Mja2776, also known as sirpostsalot, is a very lazy, slow-posting multi-forumer from England. Other than ROBLOX he spends most of his time on steam playing games like The Elder Scrolls, Fallout and Team Fortress 2.


  • Mja joined in 2010 on the now terminated account Penguinpow13, which had 10k posts before his post count was reset and he was terminated. He joined again a year later in 2011, on mja.
  • Mja forums on both RT, OT & PC
  • Mja has received a total of 49 bans, 11 warnings, three IP bans and two account deletions.
  • Mja has eight alternate accounts. CircusPilot, Penguinpow13, KoenmaJR, MetaltronDalek, SaxtonHaaaaaaale, Frootcakes, and Dringo. Amongst several other alternate accounts. His current alternate account is PicardSkywalker.
  • Terminated alts include: CircusPilot, metaltrondalek, SaxtonHaaaaaaaale, Frootcakes
  • Mja has had BC, TBC, and OBC.
  • He is 17 years old.
  • His steam account is eight years old, you can add him on steam if you wish - Frootcakes.
  • His PSN is JarlBloodless.
  • His twitter is @mja2776
  • In September he changed his name to sirpostsalot which he still regrets to this day.