RawTrout (also known as MinecraftPEbuilders) is a very young RTer that started foruming in 2013. He joined ROBLOX in 2012, but deemed that he joined in 2010 as a guest. He's also one of the Asian RTers. He likes to ask RT questions for people to answer, or either likes to normally talk and share things with people.

The Beginning of the RTer

When he first found out about foruming, in 2013, he crap-posted on ATR, because he was a "dumb kid at the time".


In 2014, he returned to foruming the summer of 2014. He was still in ATR, and tried to do forum simulators, but the outcome was... not so well; It was poorly recorded, and some posts even managed to get deleted. So, since then he's tried finding another subforum, where he found OT. He just wanted to mess around there.

In 2015, some time later, he went back to ATR, but did the exact same "messing around" thing there... which resulted in a ban for a day. When he saw both subforums talk about RT, he wanted to see what it was like. He then posted in RT for about a couple months, and then stopped because, well, school.

In early 2016, he returned to foruming again, but not too frequently. During his last days of school, he would play Apocalypse Rising with his friend, xLoadinq. Once the game got unpopular, he decided to go back to foruming, but did not go to OT that often. He started foruming on ATR again, and sometimes posted on RT. He then started foruming on both at the same time. But, then around August, he was banned for 3 days because of a harmless post on ATR, so he decided to abandon ATR to go to RT once his ban was lifted.

As of now, he's mainly found in RT, and is almost at 1K posts on his main account.

Before foruming on RT

  • He used to hang out with his friends on ROBLOX and play games such as Call of Robloxia 5: Roblox at War.
  • He played Apocalypse Rising on this account when it came out for the first time.
  • He played "The Roblox Dance Club" by jaredvaldez4


He liked to play games on his Wii and PS3 such as Resident Evil 4, Rachet and Clank: A Crack in Time, and Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga.

Fun Facts