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Rt kiddo gonna shoot up his school

Image linked by michaellyers8 in thread

On January 5th, 2017, a user known as michaellyers8 posted a thread on ROBLOX Talk. The title was the co-ordinates of a high school in Dallas, Texas and the post itself was the date "4/20/17", which coincides with the 18th anniversary of the Columbine High School shootings.


Initially, most users saw the thread as a joke until micheallyers8 posted an Imgur link to an image of a rifle and a revolver with a timestamp. Many users interpreted the post as a genuine threat like some similar threads posted on other forums and image boards.

Kotov_Syndrome, SkeletalReality, ChaseFromTheBlock, traxxasnick, and others took action. This included sending tweets to the school district, calling the local police and the user SpaceNightrider contacting the FBI.

Micheallyers later claimed it was a joke.


Soon after, micheallyers8 sent Zachdude a PM saying "Honestly kids are overreacting. It was a joke and it wasn't even a joke about a school shooting. I was going to wait until 4/20 and explain that on that day the school is gonna have a funny hippy rally. The picture was just reference that I'm going to the gun range this weekend. Blown out of proportion tbh. I already know you're going to post what I say in the thread anyways. People will say I'm doing damage control but idc."

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