Lyriix found RT in 2014, as an alternative to ATR, he then completely quit ATR as a whole in 2015 to join RT. He found RT as a way to show his art off to others to see what they think. Sometimes he may have been too overconfident. He then quit RT in 2016 to pursue his ROBLOXian youtuber career.

Accomplishments / Contributions

Lyriix has had some beef over some certain people, he'd rely on KoolWaterLK alot for certain things, as she was alot more mature than him. He used to be the "younger-brother" of RT. He made alot of friends too, such as marksmenshiper, felixsnowflake, and VityaOC.

He was involved in the iPad Spam Bot Raid, The 9/11 Of ROBLOX, and the 9/20 Of ROBLOX, he himself even came up with the name "the 9/20 of ROBLOX'" as he saw it as a joke. Many others didn't think it was funny, such as legoseed and Genti57.

Other Information

-14 years old


-Former ROBLOXian YouTuber


Real name: Jake