Lyfed is a 16 year old RTer that began foruming on RT on January 2016. Lyfed has a wild and energetic personality, that changes depending on the situation. She is generally a fun person to be around with and cool to be friends with.


Lyfed previously was mainly foruming on S&I on her previous accounts. She has had 5 accounts in total, 4 terminated.

Graphic Designing

Lyfed is known for her GFX skills and artwork throughout RT. She claims to be the best GFX artist on RT. Lyfed began making GFX on April of 2015, and has announced that she won't be making GFX anymore since June of 2016. She is working on a huge RT thumbnail at the moment. Her devianart is:


On May 22 2016, Lyfed got terminated for harassing VityaBC, nicknaming him XxAyeeVityaIsCancerxX. Lyfed managed to get her account back on May 31 2016.

ROBLOX Talk News Twitter account

Lyfed created a ROBLOX Talk News Twitter account, which main purpose was to tweet about news that is going on RT. The Twitter account is active as of 18/7/16 @ROBLOXTALK_News


  • Lyfed is a legendary pirate girl
  • Lyfed likes the colour green