LolMeLol1, basically the RT rock. He's always there, even when he's gone. He's a very legendary RTer and RT wouldn't be the same without him. He's been here for 6 years and counting. He's loved by all, he's truly an incredible forumer.


Unfortunately, in July of 2013, he purposely got himself terminated. He didn't think he'd regret it in the future but 8 months later he did. He used his second account, Turtlespwn123. His legacy was still alive and he was still happy. But he still missed his account LolMeLol1. So once his popularity rose even more, he name changed to Ruminates. Summer 2014 was great because of him. He became a cross-dresser because he's an idiot. Months later in the fall, there was this incident involving Wazupmaster. He was being stupid and made fun of her multiple times, then he eventually got his account deleted because of that. There was no more Ruminates. He appealed multiple times but still no good. Then he used his third account named "Troublemaster000" and name changed to Jehoiakim. Jehoiakim was huge in 2015, especially in the summer. But all good things come to an end, so he got terminated once again because of "account theft", he still doesn't know how or why he got deleted because of that. He's currently using his account Invultuation, formerly known as "CodyCool123456789".

Post Highlights

Months later his baiting days were born. He trolled RT so many times, he's one of the most successful trolls to ever hit RT. Each troll attempt got about 5-10 pages of hate, that's truly incredible. But he eventually stopped doing that because it got old.

Sadly, he's not as famous as he was in 2011-2013. He's very irrelevant now, but his legacy will never die.