Kystonio is an RTer that originally joined ROBLOX on his first account in June 5, 2008. He made several alts between that time, but qwerty1999 was the account he remembered the password for, and when he returned to ROBLOX in 2013, used qwerty1999. When he quit in 2015 and returned in mid 2016, he lost the password for qwerty1999 and made a new account, kystonio, which is the current account used.

Before RT

Before he started foruming, kystonio played ROBLOX as usual and was mainly in clans. It wasn't until 2013, 5 years after he made his first account, that he started foruming.

He had an old YouTube channel back in 2011, which he made low-quality videos with the ingame ROBLOX recorder.


Kystonio started RTing and foruming in 2013. During that period, he became friends with a YouTuber, Epikrika. He also made friends with kaizomario1234, Zeviox, and Kanterlope. They made a few videos together, some of which became some of the most viewed videos on Epikrika's channel. A falling out occured one day and kystonio stopped being friends with Epikrika and the others.

A couple months later, kaizo, Zeviox, and Kanterlope stopped being friends with Epikrika because they didn't like the actions that Epikrika was doing and started talking with kystonio again.


In 2015, kystonio did RTing as usual, but decided to quit suddenly after most of his friends left. He was inactive for almost a year. He returned later, but quit again after a short time. The second time he returned, he lost the password to qwerty1999 and had to make a new account, kystonio.

He quit for a third time to play Graphictoria, but when the site first shut down, he didn't return for a couple weeks. He tried the game again on nwaicetnwa. He decided to log back on kystonio and started posting again.