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Kramer777 has been an RTer since 2015. He is very active, foruming on RT most every day. He is the founder of many groups, including '13ers United, a group of people that have joined ROBLOX before or after 2013. He first started foruming as an OTer, but had decided on joining RT.


In April 2th , 2017 , Kramer777 has been exiled from RT for the amount of 1 year. The reason of the exilation was of cruel murder with intention to kill and unauthorized use of private military. He has been sent to a flight to VCR to keep the penalty.

His current whereabouts is still unknown as of now..


  • He is a scripter.
  • He has only been banned once.
  • His nickname is Creamer.
  • He is the host of 'Tea with Creamer', an RT roleplay.