Kmaheynoway is an RTer with a dry sense of humor that can never seem to stick to one personality and frequently takes year-long hiatuses from RT.

Early Days

Kmaheynoway started foruming in late 2011 under the username "kmaheynoway" in Roblox Talk. He took a year-long hiatus in 2012, and came back in 2013. He was most active during 2013-14, where he amassed 5,000 of his 7,000 posts. He was a master edgelord and frequently used "internet speak."

Later Days

Kmaheynoway gained most of his popularity in late 2015 after adapting an "overly nice use emojis and try to be UhmSir ☺" crossdressing phase. He is currently on RT again after a nearly year-long break.

Other Accounts

StaIioKontos (+4,542)


  • Even after 7k posts made only in RT, at best he would be a "kinda known RTer."
  • He does not know how to use infobox
  • His "RT crush" was Latchie
  • He figured out how to use infobox
  • StaIioKontos was riginally an attempt to impersonate 03, found later in a "usernames reminder" email.
  • He gets genuinely surprised if anyone recognizes him from pre-2015.