"Kids and 'Teens'" was a post by a non-rter, 7x6x7x6x7, that became parodied various times by RTers.


On May 21, 2017, 7x6x7x6x7 posted a thread in Roblox Talk titled "Kids and 'Teens'" in which he complains that people that aren't kids are playing ROBLOX. He mostly says that he gets made fun of by older people on the site, and suggests that no Teens or Adults should be on the site at all.


It began with a few posts that stated reasons as in why he would be made fun of and why older people are okay to be on here. Some of the replies were pointing out things like how Adults made the game, and that he will continue to play the game as a teen. Eventually, various threads were made to mock this post. Most of them had the same title as the original, but replaced "Teens" with a rhyming word. That word would then go onto a satire rant on why kids shouldn't do anything about that word. This flooded RT to the point to where you'd think there were bots at first.


magical555 made a post titled "Kids and 'Spleens'" and proceeded to explain what a spleen was and that kids shouldn't be exposed to them. TheBucketThief made a post titled "Kids and 'Teams'" and said that while teams can form bonds with other people, it will lead children into being completely dependant on that team. Eventually some posts were made to inform everyone that it was a dead meme. Another post by TheBucketThief was titled "Kids and dumb forum trends that need to stop" that said that even though he made a few joke threads of his own, It got old.


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