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Kandy1333, is a British RT'er who originally joined ROBLOX on the 17th March 2009, under the account 'DOOMILES'. His account was terminated on the 21st May, 2014, and then became 'MilesReptiles'. He now uses this account. The reason for his original termination was just due to too many bans and warnings. He originally started foruming in late 2012 on Off Topic, before moving to Roblox Talk mid-2013.


  • His real name is Miles
  • He is quarter German
  • He has an interest in gas masks
  • His favourite TV show is Invader Zim
  • He is very pessimistic
  • He is not afraid to voice his opinion on various matters
  • He took part in the creation of "Sohhs" under the account 'Dadooding'
  • Absolutely LOVES synthwave and vapourwave