Jacobility is an RTer who started posting in late 2012. He was more well known in 2015 as JacobDaBloxxa. On 3/25/2016, JacobDaBloxxa was terminated. He now uses Jacobility as his main account. He has over 10k forum posts between Jacobility and JacobDaBloxxa, not counting his alt account.


Jacobility started foruming on ROBLOX Talk in 2012 under the username JACOB895. He changed his username to JacobDaBloxxa in 2014, and became an active RTer. His peak in popularity was in the summer of 2015, where he reached 5k posts. Jacob later took a break from RT in early 2016 to focus on school. He came back, and in March 2016, his account was terminated for the second time. Thus forcing him to quit foruming. In May 2016, Jacob's friend gave him an account. Jacob changed the new account's username to JacobDaBloxxxa, and started foruming on ROBLOX Talk again. He changed his username to Jacobility as of 2/2/2017. 


  • Jacobility forums on his alt, JACOB895alt, whenever he is banned.
  • He is a ginger
  • He plays bass guitar
  • His current account's former username was ALWAYSLOVEJESUS22 before it was given to him
  • He is well known in the Ro-Wrestling community
  • Started foruming at the age of 10
  • Jacob was terminated 2 times on JacobDaBloxxa
  • Posts in ATR on occasion
  • Was rumored to be Pieperson50's cousin
  • He is a faggot (jk) -BadBreadMaker