Injury is an RTer who has forumed on and off ROBLOX Talk and Off Topic since 2012. Owned by bretfarve7, he gave it to graphic after his deletion.


Injury originally joined ROBLOX as graphicmodding on January 30, 2011. He started foruming in RT in 2012. Shortly, he began to gain respect from RT, and became well known in a matter of months. In December 2012, graphicmodding was deleted, and a new account, GRAPHLCMODDING, was created. This account was deleted on September 19, 2013. Graphic moved to injury the same day. Injury still continued to forum in RT, but eventually decided to move to OT in Summer 2014. Injury currently posts on both RT and OT.


  • Injury's current account was given to him by bretfarve7.
  • Injury was presumed to be terminated until he came back to RT in 2016.