iiFyreblast, also known as Fyre or ii is a new active RTer on the forums, he has been controversial due to crapposting and clickbaiting often. He ranges from intelligent to a guy that no one can take seriously. He tries to give others a laugh and have good time on the forums.


Fyre joined on the account "Mouseisgaming" when being the new, stupid, and naive ROBLOX user he was, fell for a scam and got hacked, he then joined "Mouseisgaming2" and eventually made another account called "Randomguy2628" which eventually got a name change and became "iiFyreblast." He started foruming around May 2016 and has been foruming since on ROBLOX talk. He is known for clickbaiting, his irrelevance, his crapposting, and youtube links.


  • He is 10.
  • He often flucuates his personality from silly to itelligence, although most of the time he tends to be silly.
  • He is a Vitya follower.