IengendxSpiritShade (Who will be simply referred to as Ien) is an on and off forumer, with his first post in 2013, while mainly being active in 2014 and after. This forumer usually takes large breaks, spanning of months, for no reason. Although he has mostly kept himself on RT, while exploring OT.


IengendxSpiritShade is usually asking questions to RT when he makes his threads.

Ien at first glance looks like an L, but in reality it's an i. He defends this stating that it helps him against dimwitted admin abusers.

Ien keeps his personal life out of things, but he can reveal it for no reason.

Ien claims his account is run by four people. Although it is unknown why, or who controls the forum side.

Ien claims he is from Venus, but this isn't likely.

His actual birthday is April 17th.

His Blood Type is A+

His age is 13-19 as of 2017.

He goes by several aliases. UltimateX, Val Veil, Red, and Xasiver.

There are rumors that he can't spell his name right, explaining the title of this page.