The thumbnail for his upcoming game, The Pre-Rights!


Honeytata (AKA Green Guy) is an rt'er that has accumalated 8k posts. He started his account in 2011 (his first account made in 2007), Honeytata IS OBSESSED with the color green ( well thats what marksmenshiper knows). His alt account is atatyenoH which is his main accounts username backwards. Honeytata is the proud developer of his game "The Rights!", and his upcoming game, "The Pre-Rights!"

Once, he faked a suicide and tried to quit roblox, but loved his account so much he didnt have the courage to do it

Honeytata is also a pacifist, emo and a vegetarian irl.

Honeytata was scammed on February 26 2016.

Honeytata now goes under the name "Greenstie" (as he's sick of his old name).