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Hiddensnake19 is an RTer who used to host the best RT parties - so if you forumed back then you would always join them. He's been foruming since may, 2014, but he only has 4.9K posts.He used to be well known in the community but took a break for over a year causing him to become unknown to the newer generation. He's a slow poster. He's usually chill to hang around and likes early 2000s rap. Some of his good friends are

  • 2013henry/hahuranob
  • VityaBC
  • EXcellent
  • xPengy
  • huades
  • soulworker
  • MVDawn
  • Xanth
  • Windoze
  • Corktail
  • Remoseg
  • domoman33
  • spacenightrider
  • ilogan32
  • zero_quake
  • darkest_lariat/fuzzarooski
  • traxxasnick

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