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A screenshot from the bunker party during the "hi uiuru fefogoe fegelein stupatt!!!!!111111" rt incident in 2014

"Hi uiuru fefogoe fegelein stupatt!!!!!111111" was a fad started in February 2014 in Off Topic. The premise of the fad was a fictional disease that causes an infected person to only post "hi uiuru fefogoe fegelein stupatt!!!!!111111" and that the disease is spread by hearing the same phrase. Many forumers in Off Topic played along and reposted the phrase and it quickly appeared in Roblox Talk.

Significance in Roblox Talk

During the winter of 2014, a user created a thread on the ROBLOX Talk forum complaining about the stupidity of modern ROBLOX users, citing the phrase as a standard of grammar that most users spoke by. In turn, RT forumers spammed the phrase in the thread to mock the OP and eventually to other threads as well. The practice became so widespread that an rt party was created at the RT bunker to 'escape' the spam. Excessive posting of the phrase continued for several days, to the discontent of numerous RTers, who proclaimed it as the downfall of RT and threatened to leave the forums over the incident. Others either embraced it or simply waited for the fad to pass. The phrase is still occasionally posted today, mostly for sentimental reasons.


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