Hatchets is a seasoned RT forumer whose quality posts and interesting topics earned him the title of "Respected RTer" from Ianuk's and KoolWaterLK's "Favorite OTers" list, respectively. A neutral RTer, Hatchets was present for many of the RT Dramas and was there during its social strife. His posts and threads are verbose, and though he does have less than 10k posts, when he does post, it's almost guaranteed that it masses tens of replies.


Some say they've seen a luminescent figure falling towards the earth and landing gracefully. Rumors says Hatchets simply asserted him in RT and everyone acknowledged him. Though, in an exclusive Skype discussion, Hatchets does enjoy these theories and stories, his origin story actually begins from humble upbringings,

"This will probably disappoint many, but my story isn't as exciting as people make it. I was only 10 when I created EpicAmerican, and geez, did people hated me on RT. I wanted to start anew, and that's when, conveniently, a friend of mine offered a few rare name accounts she was selling. Hatchets was her first option, and me being the excitable adolescent I was, immediately chose it. I went to RT to start my first post, 'LETS GET DOWN TO BUSINESS' and the rest is history.."
Though many may despire Hatchets, he is undoubtedly one of the most real posters on RT.

Post highlights

On 02-04-2017, Hatchet's unraveled his face to RT in a tweet. This tweet can still be accessed here.

On 04-19-2017, Hatchets revealed his voice to RT in a tweet. This tweet can still be accessed here.

Hatchets is also responsible for the RT story series, "TALE OF TWO FORUMS", which received a retweet from legoseed and critical acclaim by forumers. It can be viewed here.

Hatchets also enjoys writing copypasta for his RT peers to shitpost furiously, one of his most famous, is the "today someone tried telling me that BeyBlade isn't a sport" post.


Hatchets is currently still developing an RT Bunker, which he hopes will be the official bunker once completed. He has promised to include several monuments to Legoseed, Boring, Injury and many other RTers. It can be found here.

Hatchets was one of the first people to help others in the ROBLOX 2017 Easter Egg Hunt, his guide was posted on RT and amassed a respectable 62 replies before being deleted by forum moderators.

Personal life

Hatchets has constantly viewed himself as a conservative, see this post. He enjoys bashing liberals and exposing their irrationality.

He also has a personal relationship strain against MsMiaWallace, who he's called, "(...) an irate, irrational, reprehensible cuck jew." in a discord server.

He owns a YouTube channel, where he occasionally posts guide videos for Garry's Mod.



An IRL image of Hatchets