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his original account is called "inminecraft1234" which was created in 22nd,february,2015 . However it was terminated in October 2016 and he created his second main "HappyBloxxer222" in 30th, December 2016.


He made his first post in All Things ROBLOX on 24th, February,2015 2 days after he created his first account.

Link :

This is the only time he made a post in ATR. He posted in Roblox Talk after that occasionally and made 131 posts before he was terminated.

His start of foruming in RT

After 2 years of gaming on ROBLOX, he started to get tired of the repetitive games on the front page and decided to explore the forums. He chose Roblox Talk as his main forum and has been posting there ever since.

His visions

He wants to make friends with RTers and tries to avoid to be involved in any flamewars as possible. He enjoys foruming very much.

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