Gryphunk2 is an RTer with 8.1k+ posts as of now.



Gryphunk2 started foruming around December 14th, 2015, when he was a troll in OT. OT kicked him out and he went to RT to do actual posts. Gryphunk2 posts rarely nowadays, and his posts are usually sort of irrelevant.


  • Gryphunk2's favorite game is Geometry Dash, followed closely by Terraria.
  • Gryphunk2 got into drama with marksmenshiper around June 2016, when marksmenshiper made friends with Felixsnowflake. Also, Honeytata somehow got involved with this.
  • His first name in real life is Gryphon. However, his last name is unknown

to RT.

  • His favorite accessory is by far Steampunk Wings.