Gmansheep2016 is a ROBLOX user who originally joined on May 1st, 2016. He used to forum in ATR, but went to RT after a short period of time.

He quit ROBLOX on 18/9/2017.


He currently has 39K+ posts. He likes to copy long threads, and threads where people look like a noob.

After the forum merge on 27th July, 2017. He continues to forum on the Help and RN&D subforum.


He first forumed on ATR on January, 29th, 2017. He earned 350 posts on the first day and people assumed that he was a botter. They started hating him, causing GmanSheep2016 to move to RT. He has stayed there to forum ever since until the forum merge.


  • He considers himself as a real sheep on the forums
  • He once had an argument (jokingly) with Pink_Guest, saying he's a fake guest and that thread was 8 pages long.
  • likes making copypastas

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