Gluve is an RT'er who joined RT June 2015. His first 7 day ban was July 22nd - 29th. Gluve first started foruming in 2013 as 1234555512345 in ATR. After a year in ATR, he started dipping in and out of RT to get a taste of it. During the summer of 2015, he officially started posting daily. During the 2016 New Years, Gluve got his account locked suspected for PGing the account. He later got his account unlocked after his new main was terminated.


  • He calls himself a crapposter.
  • He doesn't like to wear typical forum clothes.
  • During his 7 day ban, he created the account iIluminaughty and posted in OT.
  • His 7 day ban ended the day after his birthday.

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