About Garle

Garle is one of the very few survivng 2010 RTers. Garle is most known for his passion for chemistry, science, And rocketry. Although 27 Of his rockets exploded, He still loves doing it and has never gave up.


-On Jan. 29, 2014, A small satellite Garle placed into orbit failed to work and burned up upon reentry, sending debris across Minnesota, Florida, and Bolivia. 2 Animals onboard perished and a toenail was recovered from the mouse.

-The recovered debris from the satellite that burned up were a tape from the sound recorder. The sound lasted about 5 Seconds and it was a short noise that sounded like someone says "Shhhh" And a squeak from a mouse, Then a noise that sounded like crumpling paper. That was audio of the ship breaking up.

Another piece was part of it was a fragment of the main engine, Found in Garle's home state. Oddly enough, It still had some rocket fuel in it.

There was remains of Mandarin the Mouse (The mouse that made the squeak in the audio). It was a bloody nail clipping.

-Garle is currently working on a space station for pets named Pet Express. The satellite is planned to orbit in around the stratosphere. After 3 years of service it will be destroyed upon reentry and crash landing.