An active RTer. His current username is derived from Incineroar's signature move. Best known as Fuzzarooski. He wrote many stories on RT, and also trashposted occasionally.


  • He loves cats
  • Selkie from Fire Emblem is his waifu
  • He's a big Nintendo fan and also a PC gamer
  • In most online video games, he mains support
  • He loves to write.
  • He became a big Jojo's Bizarre Adventure fan in early 2018


  • He once did a L2D thread saying he would eat his Splatoon disc and record it. The thread got the proposed L2D and the thread garnered many pages of people asking him to deliver. The thread eventually got deleted after people started bumping it. He never delivered but still makes jokes about it, even once saying he would swallow his Splatoon 2 cartridge.
  • He used to have a friendly rivalry with another RTer known as Carss. They would jokingly argue over if Gardevoir or Lopunny was the better Pokemon, with Fuzz siding with Gardevoir and Carss siding with Lopunny. They made a "truce" about it a short time after the end of RT was announced, even though it had kind of faded out by then.
  • He used to have many high value hats such as the Valkyrie Helm, but sold them in earlier years where they were cheaper. He regrets this very much now.

    His first post in RT, dated October 20th, 2012. [1]