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An active RTer. His name is derived from Incineroar's signature move. Best known as Fuzzarooski.

Fun facts

  • Favorite Animal: Cat
  • Favorite Video Game (PC): Overwatch
  • Favorite Video Game: (Nintendo) Pokemon and Fire Emblem
  • Favorite Games (ROBLOX): Super Bomb Survival, Pokemon Brick Bronze, Black Magic
  • Favorite RTers: Snow_Storm, Pengpaw4, Zynite, Undyne_TheUndying, TheYuhMan
  • Favorite Developer: Lando64000
  • Favorite Pokemon: Infernape


"appreciate father fuzz's hot and spicy memes (get em while they're hot)"
"Roses are red, violets are blue. Was that laxative? Now I gotta poo."
"...but then everyone came home from the buddy face convention and they had a pizza from the buffet area!!! he opened it and there was a pizza with the buddy face that said "i want your children". fuzz was like "ew no" and threw it into the specific ocean."
"I don't like buttcheek snowcones."

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