Paniked is an RT forumer that joined on March 15, 2016 with currently 1,679 post count. Her old account, tori15738, was terminated due to moderation history.


Paniked, Darkangel15738, started foruming under the username Tori15738 at the beginning of February 2016, taking things out seriously and rarely joking, or if she even joked, there was a 90% chance it was lame or corny. She usually made threads about bullying, poetry, unfair account treatment, or bootleg "blogs". Her behavior become so unbearably annoying she had 16-20 warnings or bans for 2 and a half months. Finally, her 2015 account was terminated due to moderation history, thus upsetting her. On March 15, 2016, she made a new account, Darkangel15738, hoping to not stir up any drama of any type anymore. She is now foruming peacefully and wishes to avoid any drama that sweeps into Roblox Talk.


Though starting out as mean, selfish, and annoying, she is now a nice, kind-hearted, chill, quirky, energetic, fun loving 13 year old tomboy. She is very determined, hoping to finish her game she is currently working on. She has no problem with anyone whatsoever and has no problem stating whatever is on her mind.


  • She is a broccoli-holic
  • She loves sports
  • She loves and knows how to draw
  • Her favorite music genre is Thrash metal and her favorite band is Metallica
  • She is very focused on her studies and education, hence the reason why she is not very active on weekdays and sometimes on weekends
  • She currently practices baseball, is on student council, and in art club.