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Forgetaboutit24 is a somewhat known RTer on roblox. He started foruming in Roblox Talk in mid 2015. He is mostly a nice guy, but occasionally his posts are only jokes. Occasionally he gets depressed, but foruming usually helps.

Alternate Accounts

He has 3 alternate accounts. 

- XxArminjeagerxX

- Harambe6661337 (joke account) / Terminated

- Unknown account (he will never tell)

- Silvergoldendog


- His favorite RTer is NintendoCube

- He likes to draw.

- His favorite show is Initial D.

-His favorite game is Dragon Ball Rage


"No siggy here"
Mid 2015 - Dec. 2015
"This is a normal siggy"
Jan. 2016 - Jan. 2017

He no longer uses a signature because he is afraid it will be censored.

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