Felixsnowflake or Felix is fairly new to the forums having only explored RT for 4 months. He usually lives off of someone else's fortune and fame but that's alright for him.


Felix began foruming on May but took it seriously on March. He has been in multiple beef with people, especially Alienastronaut.

Alien stabbed Felix in the back by taking all of his robux and locking him out of his main account spike8414. Kinda sad because Aleid was his first friend on the forums.

He has gotten into beef with gryphunk but now has moved on with that and so has gryphunk.

When Felix joined the forums he referred to himself as the lord and savior "Oder Extremist Felix". He did this because his ego was just humongous.

Has possible relations with his father Marksmenshiper.

He started praising Guestly when Genti placed them in 1 group.

He started drawing when he met peacefulangelcat via following her into a game and harassing her whilst naked.

When starting the forum game Felix always liked to mention how he loved Fish and Orange. Orange because its a vibrant and welcoming color. Fish because he always loved the taste of tuna and the look of fish. Most of his threads would mention fish. This was because he ate fish on a daily basis.

Has been banned for multiple things but he got deleted for making a really weird fan fiction called Aleid X lyfed (before Aleid backstabbed him) The fan fiction was well received but then he got deleted so did his alt.


  • Felix usually takes money from Rayrocks,Guestly and multiple RTers.
  • Felix draws people for free but would gladly offer his art for it.
  • Felix has possible sexual relations with his father mark.
  • Felix was locked in his dads attic for being disobedient.
  • Felix describes Gueslty as a German Hero that knew Hitler personally.
  • Felix has a Youtube channel called FelixSnowFlake RBLX
  • Felix has a Twitter