NintendoAdvance is a rather slow poster. He has been an RTer since early 2012, though he was on hiatus numerous times. He appears to enjoy RT more than any other subforum. He started RTing full on in August 2014, around the time when he started his YouTube channel which can be found here. He has a fond interest in the Super Mario franchise.


  • NintendoAdvance's favourite dish appears to be Eggs and Ham, which is based off the Dr. Seuss book Green Eggs and Ham.
  • He is twelve years old.
  • He has received a total of 40 moderation actions through the course of 2 years, over which he received four three day bans, 30 warnings, 2 seven day bans, nine one day bans and one IP ban.
  • His steam account is three years old - though he switched to another account in June 2012. His steam is found here
  • His PSN is Playsack360
  • He has Lifetime OBC - to be precise he got OBC on February 14th 2012 - which is valentines day. Though his OBC wasn't a Valentine.
  • He was only NBC for two weeks from his join date at the start of 2012.
  • NintendoAdvance has been a YouTube member since March 2012, his previous account was closed due to a boatload of copyright strikes.
  • NintendoAdvance hasn't been playing ROBLOX since 2012 - he played ROBLOX once back in 2009.
  • He has never forumed out of RT. It has always been his homeland.