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ElectricLepoard, now known as Llamaborn, is a new RTer, has been on ROBLOX since 2011, despite this account's join date. IS NOT A ODER.  DROP IT, BUTTLAMPS.

Wrote a thread about her history on ROBLOX. http://web.roblox.comi/Forum/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=125235526 MY THEME SONG:

700+ posts as of 2/9/2014

Inspired by Baconsandwiches. A RPer, no not like the ones who go "*killsonehitcontrolsmind*"

One of the RPers who roleplay like they're writing a book.

She is kind of an annoying brat but a few people still like me. She is not sure if she is funny but she trys. *sheepish smile*


Alternate account, now permanent as seen in Ex-OTer, left due to being called a ODer and bullied so much. The account joined on 1/3/2014, however, her second to oldest account (which is the only one remaining, due to lbpgal being deleted) joined on 7/10/2011. She lost Cheer because she was scammed at the age of nine (poorkidamiritelosingeverythingshehadtoliveforugh


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  • Anti-ODer
  • Old main joined in early 2011
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