EcoPhantom is a ROBLOX Talk forumer (with 15k+ posts) that started foruming in RT during late 2013. He still forums from time to time but is not as active as during 2013/2014.

Character Outfit

He wears multiple outfits from time to time.

Outfits include the popular Business Cow outfit, zombie pirate, pirate outfit and squid outfit

Basic Description

He is a kind and friendly person. He is pretty well known among other RTers.


  • He lives close to jhn905,UtimateBuilder and kevincatssing
  • He is a clanscrub
  • He forum in other forum too when bored from time to time such as ATR and C&G
  • He has one of the longest moderation history
  • He used to forum in ATR and considered a ATR legend by many ATRers
  • Loves cats