EatenCake is an RTer who originally joined ROBLOX on Feb 03 2006 using the account "Duck." His new account was created on Oct 22 2012. He is known for his quest that he claims to be on, that he originally started with the old users Thanu and Halo, which consists of searching ROBLOX for a legendary red brick that is said to grant the user who finds it one published hat. As such, after his 2 fellow adventurers became inactive, he is constantly visiting old and inactive games in hopes of finding the red brick and getting his hat, known as The Ochre Bucket of the Warrior, published as a hat in the Catalog.


-His account is a joint account with a friend from school, and they each use different outfits when using the account to make it easy to tell them apart.

-He owns the iBot package, and several account thefts have been attempted in hopes of getting the rare and offsale package.

-He is generally recognized as level-headed on the forums, and rarely gets in arguments.

-Because of his background as Duck, he is good friends with many forum legends, including knightdude, mooshaf, Thanu, MrDoomBringer, and Excelerate.