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deepblues is an RTer who started to post in late December of 2016.

Before RT

Before he joined RT, he used to post on OT. He would post there every day as one of his hobbies, until late October of 2016. He took a short break from all the forums. In late December, he started to post again, but not for very long. He left OT on the 23rd of December.

After OT

He left OT because of three reasons:

  1. The people of RT were nicer.
  2. RT and OT were pretty much the same.
  3. RT was overall just a better place for him to be in.

Ever since he left OT, he has constantly posted on RT.


  • He likes The Beatles.
  • He likes to change his avatar torso and leg colors every few days (RIP NEVER FORGET)
  • He's a sarcastic little bitch.
  • He likes Godzilla.
  • He seriously hates country music.

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