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Columé, reality name Keilar Rosten, better known in the American English term, Colume, is the seventh account used by the 412,263rd user, Firecartoon. Columé was originally a member of ROBLOX since May 19th, 2008, but is been known to switch accounts frequently. Recently appearing in the subforum under the current name, Columé was already gaining a reception of being the sarcastic, yet, fairly logical poster and was currently noted to be one of the most disliked users due to the RiceChex Incident that occurred around the beginning of July 2016.

Being born in November 15th, 1997, Columé is noted as one of the older users of the forums, though, it perceived to be around fourteen for unknown reasons.

Columé was also known for his rather humourous User ID, which is 31133113.

As a Typical Forum User

In terms of post counts, Keilar has accumulated approximately 60,000 forum posts across all of the accounts he has previous owned, including Columé. As a trademark, Keilar has frequently used the infamous, yet iconic signature for most of his existence.


Keilar is notorious to bring up Last two digits (L2D) threads at the worst times possible, and is frequently harassed for that being. In retrospect, Keilar is also infamous for arguing with certain users, despite all efforts to discontinue any further damage.

Application of Moderation

In recent events, Columé is rumoured to apply for moderation, however, his application was declined due to the lack of experience with community engagement, likely due to his controversial statements he establishes.

Most users have assumed moderation powers would be abused, rendering the subforums into nonexistence. Other users have also rumoured the deletion of most of their accounts. However, a forum moderator cannot delete nor compromise one another's account. They only have the ability to filter content found. It is up to the Super Moderator for those.

The "Lizard Boy" Nickname

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 23.41.21

An approved image ripped out of Keilar's official Instagram account.

Originally given from zerothree, now known as Winndigo, Columé is been frequently named "lizard boy" in attempt to harass the user based on his physical appearance. Although, he does appear to have rather a slender build, it is noted that he wrestled, played rugby, and numerous physical sports that involve physical contact.

The "Deletion of RT" Inside Joke

On about December 14th, 2015, Columé (at the time, being Redesigning) posted an L2D thread, titling itself "L2D/100: Chance mods like me." Although the L2D was 08, another ROBLOX user, NintendoCube, replied to the threads, "mods in a nutshell: DELETE ALL RTERS." In irony, a ROBLOX forum mod, InceptionTime, responded, "They're onto us!"

The initial fad did not start until the next morning when Columé bumped the thread.

Later, onto 2016, Columé posted another thread, posting as a joke, "I honestly think the mods are onto something." The post ended up with four pages of replies. You can view the thread here.

Opinion on "RT Favourite Lists"

The ROBLOX Talk forums is generally filled with the forum favourites list, though, Columé is significantly against the concept of those lists. Most believe it is because of the absence of him on the list, though it's been determined to be false.

"The concept of RT Favourite Lists are so pointless, as they all contain complaints of people forgetting them, begging, the one RTer that one despises, an overrated RT that everyone likes for no apparent reason, and the one that nobody even knows."
Although, his opinion was received to be sarcastic, many users have viewed his philosophy rather positively. More likely due to the accuracy of his statement being almost entirely true.

The "Sohhs" Incident

As a joke, Keilar posted a thread onto the ROBLOX Talk forums, trying to spell a naughty word. Out of random, five users after, the word was spelt, "Sohhs." The word was suddenly praised onto RT and it flooded the subforum for roughly the whole day, but was barely dead enough to not be an event.

It was intended to be a joke, but various users have taken the meme to an entirely different level, causing Keilar's reputation to severe.

Previous Accounts

Columé is also severely known to switch accounts frequently due to frequent moderation actions that occur within his account, even with topics and discussions that were brought up years ago. This has also occurred mostly to preserve the accounts, however, many users believe he is a "wuss" to lose his account.

The following list is a collective list of active accounts Columé has used.

  1. Firecartoon
  2. Starmaux
  3. TamerStar
  4. Lubricators
  5. Redesigning (now Fire_cartoon)
  6. Generates
  7. Columé

Personal Life

Outside of the mass chaos known as ROBLOX Talk, Columé is a wrestler, a sketch artist, a music producer, and a photographer. He has close relations with Legoseed, since they are almost always associating with each other, presuming one knows each other well.

In his musical career, he has successfully accumulated around $10,000 USD, which was financed to purchase the Adobe CC products and other VST plugins for FL Studio, which both are products he uses. His current favourite release is titled, Memories. You can give it a hear, here. Columé's musical name is known as Deadbäss.

He is well-known, locally in where he is situated, for his photographical skills, on a phone, anyway. His projects are commonly viewed on both his personal website and his Instagram page. At least in the beginning of May 2016, this was when he began to snap photos with his cellular device and makes them as quotes on Instagram. His average amounts of likes on there is roughly 1,000 per photo. It is noted to be one of his most successful mediums that he is associated with.

Before he graduated high school in 2016, he was almost always affiliated with the school wrestling team. Despite him not being on the team, he was very often found to be used a practice person or like a partner. He was praised, at least in his school, to "Have the most balls to mess with the wrestlers," presumably because in his school, they did not mess with the wrestlers. His school frequently took 2nd in state.


Columé is commonly known to begin the "L2D" fad, which consists of L2D scenarios, mostly to topics related to "chance I'm a cold stone pimp offline," to "Why I'm arrested (scenario)." This usually caused the subforums to begin mass spamming L2D threads throughout the subforum, and would not seize for approximately half an hour. Despite being notorious for the initial trigger for L2D fads, he personally stated to post about three and end it there.

He is notorious to argue with another RTer, zerothree (again, now known as Winndigo), due to his initial responses on Columé's posts and new threads that are intentionally posted to harass him. Strangely, many users seem to side with Winndigo's responses, despite his rash behaviour towards Columé.

Columé has taken the stand to state his sexuality, although, it was ironically viewed to be as a joke, and it eventually became an internet meme for a brief moment on the subforums. This occurred around early June 2016.


  • Columé is the seventh and final account from Firecartoon.
  • He is already one of the most notorious users on the forum, despite his frequent assistance and common interaction with many.
  • In reality, Keilar is a wrestler and a rugby player. However, he is not affiliated with any clubs at this time.
  • He is nicknamed "Lizard Boy," given by user, Winndigo.
  • RiceChex is held accountable for severing Keilar's reputation, despite his efforts of already pointing out her wrongful doings.
  • He is generally noted as one of the older users on the subforums, as his presence on ROBLOX Talk was as early as September 2011.
  • He is a hybrid forum user, as he also appeares on other subforums such as Off Topic, All Things ROBLOX, and Help (Technical & Account Issues).
  • Many have praised Keilar for the building skills that he holds.
  • Columé's User ID is 31133113.
  • Keilar personally keeps in touch with famous moderator, Legoseed.
  • In recent events, Keilar has considered to join the United States Marines. However, this was never disclosed as the decision was not finalized, yet. Furthermore, various users have actually gone against his decisions due to the supplier's personal opinion.
  • Keilar, himself, considered to be inactive, and it has been proven that Keilar is one of the most forgotten users.
  • Keilar's official Twitter accounts can be found as either @C_RBLX (affiliated with ROBLOX-related content) or @DararithRos (his personal but useless account).
  • Keilar's official Instagram can be found as @Deadbass_
  • Columé was deleted August 1st, 2016, due to the infamous "CONTENT BLOCKED" moderation action. However, his appeal surprisingly worked, as less than 1% of all appeals work.

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